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Explore our cutting-edge solutions in Tax Technology, where we simplify global tax compliance using AI tools like Vertex Inc. and Thomson Reuters. Dive into Data Analytics, Business Process Automation, and Custom Development, all designed to elevate your business to new heights.

Our Services

With our cutting-edge technology solutions and services, Intertaxer makes it easier for businesses to follow global tax rules.

Intertaxer streamlines processes with Business Process Automation services, utilizing Microsoft 365 tools such as Power Apps and Azure AI for enhanced efficiency.

Business Process Automation

Our expertise spans Java, JavaScript, SQL, C++, C#, HTML, and Python development, empowering your business with versatile and cutting-edge applications.

Custom Development & Digital Solutions

Intertaxer's Data Analytics services, leveraging Qlik, Power BI, SQL, and Alteryx, revolutionize decision-making across diverse industries.

Data Analytics

Enhance your online presence with our comprehensive web development and digital marketing services.

Web Development & Digital Marketing

Using cutting-edge technologies like Qlik, Power BI, SQL and Alteryx, Intertaxer's Data Analytics services are meant to change the way businesses in all fields make decisions. We're skilled at working with a wide range of data sources and all business processes, so you can be sure that you'll get full insights that will help you make smart decisions. Our method combines data from several business software to give a complete picture that helps all levels of a company make good decisions, no matter what industry they're in.

o   Comprehensive Data Analysis: Dive deep into your business data with our analytics services. We handle data from a variety of sources, offering insights that drive strategic decisions.

o   API and Software Integrations: Our team excels in creating integrations between business software platforms, primarily ERPs, CRMs, and databases, optimizing data flow and accessibility.

o   Industry and Business Function Level Analytics: We can help you with custom analytics solutions using tools like Qlik, Power BI, and Alteryx that are made to fit your business's needs, no matter what industry it's in or what function it serves.

o   Supporting Qlik, Power BI, and Alteryx implementations

Data Analytics


Businesses that want to simplify and automate their processes can use Intertaxer's Business Process Automation services, which make use of Microsoft 365 tools like Power Apps and Azure AI. Because we know how to use these cutting-edge technologies, we can make workflows that are efficient and fit the needs of each company. This increases productivity and operational efficiency across many business functions.

o   We use Microsoft 365 to automate any kind of business process for businesses. We think we can speed up your work processes by up to 90% and get rid of more than 80% of the work that needs to be done by hand for the whole business. We're happy to show you demos and proofs of ideas to back this up.

o   AI Apps and Integrations: Are you ready to take things to a whole new level? Let's work together to improve your processes by using our AI app creation and integration services. For example, we can help you connect to advanced apps like Chat GPT that fit your specific needs.

Business Process Automation


At Intertaxer we leverage SQL, C# and Python to offer a range of development services. This extensive range of technology tools allows us to tackle software development projects, including systems and data driven applications. We can provide effective solutions that are customized to suit the requirements of our clients.

Custom Development and Digital Solutions 


Enhance your online presence with our comprehensive web development and digital marketing services. From website design to SEO and social media strategies, we ensure your brand stands out in the digital world.

Web Development and Digital Marketing 


With our cutting-edge technology solutions and services, Intertaxer makes it easier for businesses to follow global tax rules. We use well-known products, custom apps, and a variety of data sources to efficiently apply tax technology by integrating tax processes across all business software and countries of operation. Our AI and data analytics tools speed up the process, making sure that you get quick, accurate tax advice with little work. They focus on solutions like Vertex Inc. and Thomson Reuters Tax technologies.

o   Tax Engines and Tax Determination - Intertaxer specializes in setting up complex Tax Engines and Tax Determination systems that are meant to correctly figure out and apply the right taxes for deals that take place in multiple jurisdictions. This makes sure that all taxes are paid correctly and quickly. We work with all kinds of tools, but SAP, Microsoft 365, and e-commerce platforms are what we do most of the time.

o   Tax Compliance & Reporting - Intertaxer is great at Tax Compliance and Reporting. It has a lot of options that make it easier to prepare and send in tax returns while still following the latest rules and reporting requirements in many places.

Tax Technology


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